Customized Linux solutions

Embedded Software
  • Microcontrollers systems.
    • controllers, data collectors, transmitters
    • Unique network routers, unique network devices
    • Wireless customized product (bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, GPRS/3G)
    • Firmware development in C.
  • Intel, AMD x86 CPU and ARM (ARM11, Xscale, Cortex A8) CPU module-based customer computers.
    • Complete development customized computers.
    • Customized module, peripheral devices.
    • LINUX drivers for customized or general devices.
    • Repairing drivers. (need for open source)
    • Supports, professional consultancy.
    • C/C++ java applications on Linux distributions. QT, KDE, GTK+ graphical user interface.
    • Development Android application on-demand. The applications will be accessed on Android Market.
  • I would take on full-time job in Germany (Bayern, Baden-W├╝rttemberg) or Austria. I can move there with my family. I can send CV via email.